Are you looking for the perfect gift for the hummingbird lover in your life? Well, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, a plethora of options are available for you at the click of a mouse. Whether you’re looking to buy a small gift, or spend big, there’s an amazing variety of gift ideas that will keep your hummingbird fan, and even actual Hummingbirds, happy.

Hummingbird Gifts

If you’re working on a small budget, say less than $50, there are plenty of gift ideas in this price range. Popular items include Hummingbird emblazoned coffee mugs, cups, and various other beverage containers that will remind them of their favorite bird while they drink their favorite beverage. Also popular are hummingbird toys, toy figurines, wall decorations, and hummingbird decorated clocks that will transform your hummingbird aficionados abode into hummingbird central. There are also plenty of clothing related hummingbird merchandise, including shirts, lapels, and even socks! Your hummingbird admirer will be able to wear their affection for these tiny lovable birds loud and proud. If you’re looking for a truly original idea; again, on a cheap budget, may I recommend a hummingbird thermometer or even a hummingbird cell phone case? There is a seemingly endless supply of hummingbird paraphernalia in this price range, so there’s no excuse not to buy that gift!

For those of you with a larger budget, say $50 to $100, there’s hummingbird themed wall art and paintings, in keeping with the hummingbird abode concept. If you’re, again, looking for something you can wear, there’s an assortment of hummingbird jewelry as well as hummingbird decorated watches. For those who feel that the proper way to pay respect to the hummingbird is outdoors, in their natural environment, there is also an assortment of hummingbird themed lawn and garden decorations.

For the big spenders, those looking to impress the hummingbird enthusiast in their life, and willing to spend over $100 there are bigger ticket items like hummingbird weathervanes and mobiles that expand on the outdoor decoration concept. Impressive hummingbird sculptures will cost a pretty penny, but be an impressive sight to behold in the yard or garden. Interior gifts in this price range include large hummingbird themed lamps, vases, and perhaps most expensive of all, a large hummingbird cuckoo clock. The cuckoo being replaced by a hummingbird of course!

Finally, there’s the gift for the hummingbird itself. Since it’s illegal to actually own a hummingbird, due to its status as a migratory bird, your hummingbird fan will have to make do with occasional visits from their favorite feathered friend. Hummingbird bird feeders ( ), complete with decorative hummingbirds are fairly inexpensive, as are more mundane gifts such as bird feed and bird houses. A bird watching guide, to help differentiate between the various species of hummingbird is also inexpensive, generally costing less than $50, and is perhaps the ideal gift for your hummingbird inclined friends.

As you can see, there are plenty of gifts giving options available for the bird lovers in your life, so there’s no reason not to give Mr. or Mrs. Hummingbird fan a thoughtful gift that really doesn’t require all that much thought at all!